Things You Should Know About Plastic Surgery Tourism

  1. Cosmetic surgery is real surgery and has some risks:
    Every surgery, including cosmetic surgery, has some risks involved. These risks may increase during vacation-related plastic surgery.
  2. Vacation-related activities may compromise your health after having a procedure:
    Cosmetic surgery trips are marketed as vacations, but vacation activities should be avoided after surgery in order to ensure proper healing and reduce the risk of complications.
  3. Travel and surgery can increase the risk of certain complications:
    Long flights, before or after surgery, can increase the risk of developing blood clots in the legs and pulmonary embolism which can be fatal.
  4. You may not be legally as protected as you are in the United States:
    There are no U.S. laws that protect patients or mandate the training and qualifications of physicians who perform plastic surgery outside the United States. There may be no legal recourse if surgical negligence occurs.
  5. Bargain surgery may not be a bargain:
    Patients can incur additional costs for revision surgeries and complications that may total more than the cost of the initial operation if originally performed in the United States.